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Spring Photoshoot - products we used

Spring Photoshoot - Makeup

Below are a couple of products we use for our shoots and would recommend. We are always on the lookout for new, good cosmetics to try, but here are just a few that are readily available in pharmacies and department stores. 

Jane in Black and White Fit & Flare Dress with Perspex Statement Necklace


We always start with a cream and primer so foundation goes on nicer, and it hydrates your skin to avoid any flakiness.
Applying makeup before our Spring Photoshoot 13
- Lydia Jordane Daily Moisture Protection Cream: A creamy moisturizer to protect your skin before applying makeup. I use this lightly scented cream daily and its not too thick and oily. This one is a Brisbane local product available from some saloons and their West End office.
- Loreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer: Putty for your face. Dense, thick primer, surprisingly non-greasy. We use this on creases, near and under nose, under eyes etc, anywhere you want to even out your skin. The texture is very thick, and when you apply it feels as though it is oily, but it's not. Very useful if you have a bit of scarring also.
- Australis 4- in-one palette concealer corrector: 4 colours, Green is good to cancel reddish tones, purple good for under-eye dark circles, and 2 nude tones. Although I find this product to be a bit dry and coverage not the best, it is a cheap and handy little set to have in  your purse.  
- Covergirl Liquid concealer: Good coverage, great for blending. We use the lightest shade of this concealer on our model,
- Kanebo Kate* Face powder: Great translucent powder to set the makeup, and remove oils. We reapply this throughout the shoot.

Jane has her own liquid foundation, a very thick (nice European foundation in gold packaging) that provided excellent coverage (I will find out the brand...). It is great for photoshoots, but could be a bit greasy. Re-applying face powder is a must to keep the shine away.

Models Prefer Large makeup Palette, makeup brushes, tools etc...


- Clinique All about eyes eye cream: Light and silky, great to use as a base for eyes as its not greasy.
- Bobbi Brown eye Palette: Has the nude tones, light and dark colours that were essential to draw eye contours and highlights. This palette is a lifesaver, I take it traveling and leave all my other eyeshadows, bronzers and blush behind. 
- Models Prefer Palette: This is a great affordable kit for those who like to experiment with colour. The kit comes with 3 palettes of eyeshadows, bronzers, blush and lip colours.
- Kanebo Kate* Gel liner: One of my favorite everyday products. Very easy to use gel eyeliner. Doesn't smudge, so the line will be still perfect at the end of a long day (with sweat and tears!). Great creamy consistency, trick is to use a small thin flat brush and draw slowly, in a straight line, adding thickness to the outer corners, flicking it slightly upwards. Don't draw a thick line too quickly because this liner is waterproof, a pain to get off without taking all of your shadow off, and it's not very blend-able.
- Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal eye pencil i n Pure White: Good soft but dense consistency so you can easily draw on the waterline

Jane had her own brow pencil and mascara, and what we use varies with each shoot. We tried falsies in the first few shoots and decided they were unnecessary as her natural lashes were plenty with a few coats of mascara. 

Hair rollers, makeup brushes and the Bobbi Brown Palette


Lucas' Pawpaw ointment: Great for use as a lip balm, apply sparingly towards the start of the session
Lipstick: We use the Models Prefer Palette and mix the desired colour.

*Kanebo Kate is a Japanese brand I tried on a Tokyo trip several years back. The brand is equivalent to over-the-counter cosmetics you can buy here. I have not seen their products in Brisbane, but have found a site that sells them: http://www.blushmeup.com.au/Kanebo-Kate-Gel-Eyeliner-25g_p_961.html NOTE: I have not ordered anything from this site before, but its pretty cool how they sell all sorts of Japanese brands out of their Sydney warehouse. Definitely checking them out when I need some new goodies! 

Michelle Phan does some really amazing makeup tutorials, check out her channel for inspiration! http://www.youtube.com/user/MichellePhan/

 We will do a post on all our favorite cosmetics shortly...

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