Friday, 8 August 2014

Winter is here - The Basic Sweater

We are well into winter now and even Brisbane actually feels cold. I have noticed on the city streets a lot of dark, boring colours like black and grey, and I long for the return of summer to cheer us all up!

I totally understand, and myself experience the effects of cold weather. The loss of all will to make an effort to dress up and leave the house in anything other than your tracks. I confess that one, I am a wuss when it comes to 'cold' weather, i.e. anything below 18 degrees, this being the result of growing up in weather-perfect-Brisbane; and two, on extra cold days and if my schedule permits (unlikely but sometimes happens) will happily spend my spare time in sweatpants and bed socks sipping cups of hot tea. But that said, most days will require me to put in some effort and dress appropriately to look somewhat decent. So my solution to dressing for winter is effortless, throw on an oversized jumper over however many layers required underneath - it hides it all so well, and squeeze into tight fitting jeans/leggings/tights.

I am really into the contrast look this season, so have picked out these 2 gorgeous pieces that look chic and is perfect for these colder months.

Contrast Striped Jumper - worn with skintight jeans

Black & White loose fit sweater - worn here teamed with washed out denim shorts and studded lace up boots, and with a pair of plain black tights.

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