Saturday, 25 January 2014

Spring 2014 Couture - Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld's refreshing collection for Chanel can be described as modern, youthful, liberating, athletic, boyish yet feminine, fun and free. It's not your usual couture, there was not a pair of stilettos in sight, but instead Massaro's fabulous flat, embellished sneakers. Way to make a statement!

Midriffs were a common element in the collection, created with crop tops and cutoff blazers over cinched waists.

Amazing fabrics were used, and colours were kept light and subtle with shades of iridescent pastels and grey. Love how the shoes were matched spot-on to the outfits.

The collection showcased some loosely fitted, flapper style cocktail gowns that were light and flowing but just as glamorous.

Minimalist bride complete with angelic headpiece with veil.

Could this look become mainstream and look stylish on our city streets? Then we would no longer have to cringe when seeing stylishly dressed corporate chicks with sneakers power-walking their way to work... Somewhat futuristic, and from another world even, but if sneakers at cocktails were the norm, we could party all night and willingly leave our shoes on!

See for yourself, runway coverage at Style or Vogue.

All the photos are from Style.

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