Friday, 31 October 2014

Spring is here, flowers blooming and all!

Ecstatic that Spring is finally here! I captured all these colourful blooms with my HTC, I was quite impressed with the outcome.

I love the festivity of Spring and all its colours, it's really inspiring for new artwork and prints. I will be capturing some Jacaranda's also, I just love the huge branchy trees and how it spills purple flowers everywhere. Planning for our next photoshoot with them in the shot, watch this space.

Pretty Daisies of the most beautiful shades
More Daisies of the most beautiful shades
Not sure what these are but I see them in people's front lawns a lot

These flowers are amazing, look at the pink veins!

These flowers remind me of my childhood. My grandparents have them planted along the front of their house
Love the water beads on these
Happy Orange flowers
These orange blooms are just so cheerful

These cute white flowers caught my eye, they only have four petals but make such an impact.

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